Overwhelming Technocrats

WARNING: This article dont make sense.

Even though I still have 1700++ Evernote articles that I wanted to sync on WordPress, its okay because I’ve categorized it into 4 parts, tech being the most posted articles.

What is overwhelming to me is this list (and continuing):

  • Jeff Bezos – Amazon
  • Aaron Levie – Box
  • Zach Sims – Codeacademy
  • Drew Houston – Dropbox
  • Julia Hartz – Eventbrite
  • Mark Zuckerberg – Facebook
  • Larry Page – Google
  • Dharmesh Shah – Hubspot
  • Reid Hoffman – LinkedIn
  • Bill Gates – Microsoft
  • Mitch Lowe – Netflix
  • Barney Harford – Orbitz
  • Elon Musk – PayPal
  • Jack Dorsey – Twitter
  • Travis Kalanick – Uber
  • Lin Bin – Xiaomi
  • Jeremy Stoppelman – Yelp
  • Tony Hsieh – Zappos
  • Jack Ma – Alibaba
  • Kim Dotcom – MEGA
  • Evan Spiegel / Bobby Murphy (Fil-Am) – Snapchat
  • Shawn Fanning / Sean Parker – Napster
  • Larry Ellison – Oracle
  • Michael Dell – Dell
  • Steve Jobs – Apple
  • Richard Branson – Virgin
  • Jerry Yang – Yahoo
  • Matt Mullenweg – WordPress
  • Kevin Rose – Digg
  • Scott Wainner – ResellerRatings
  • Rob Benwell – Blogging to the Bank
  • Kristopher Tale – Zooomr
  • Jawed Karim – YouTube
  • David Karp – Thumblr
  • Kevin Systrom / Mike Krieger – Instagram
  • Talmon Marco – Viber
  • Pierre Omidyar – eBay
  • Jeff Taylor – Monster Jobs
  • Robert McGovern – CareerBuilder
  • Craig Newmark – craigslist
  • Oliver Samwer – Rocket Internet / Lazada

and counting.

According to Sony founder, Akio Morita – Summarize, Asses, and then Determine what people want is a sure way to develop great product and succeed like what these people have done and contributed to the people’s gradual convenience – which leads them to their success.

I feel the compulsive need to read every one of them.

I feel the competition.

I feel that one day I can be in that list.

I feel that I can contribute also to society – also about technological convenience.

But right now, I feel overwhelmed about the list.  Its not even complete as I felt obligated to gather Top 100 person who’s technopreneur.


Paano ka sasagana sa buhay

Paano ka sasagana sa buhay

Sunday, April 26, 2015

8:07 AM

By Bo Sanchez


Action 1:  Believe


  • Baguhin ang paniniwala tunkol sa pera
    • Gusto ng Dyos maging mayaman ka at sagana sa buhay ie. Parable of the seeds and the sower
  • Wag maging mahirap dahil ayaw ito ng Dyos
  • Wag magipit sa pera dahil ayaw ito ng Dyos
  • Wag magka utang dahil ayaw ito ng Dyos
  • Maging masagana


  • Kailangan mag generate ng new ideas para magkaroon ng pera


Action 2: Serve


  • Serve people in whatever you do
  • Wag maging ma pride tunkol sa pera at serbisyo i.e. walang bayad na serbisyo
  • Gustuhin at piliin maging mayaman



  1. Palawakin ang sakop i.e. Henry Sy – by building a lot of malls, he was able to serve a lot of people.
    1. Ilang tao ang pinaglilingkuran mo?
    2. Gano kalawak ang serbisyo mo? Ang scope ng trabaho mo?
    3. Gano karami ang pinagsisilbihan mo?
  2. Dagdagan ang naibibigay mong kasiyahan
    1. Consumer value / satisfaction – ilang customer ang nasisiyahan sa serbisyo mo?
  3. Dagdagan ang diwa ng paglinkod mo
    1. Pagmamahal sa customer – genuine service
    2. Ilang mga customer ang naging kaibigan mo o suki?



  1. Honing your skills
  2. Build your network of trust
    1. Poor people go to work, rich people build networks
  3. Continue to serve people
    1. Maging pinaka magaling sa negosyo mo
    2. Mahalin ang customer mo at buong pusong paglinkuran
    3. Maglinkod muna sa kapwa at pagbutihin ang trabaho mo


Action 3: Grow


  • Enhance yourself inside out (spiritually, morally, physically, competitively)
  • Know your strengths and weaknesses
  • Focus on your strengths because its God’s gift to you
  • Continue to build your God given strengths
    • i.e. programming
  • In economics: specialization / division of labor that focuses on your competitive advantage / edge
  • Be a lion-hearted and persistent towards getting this God’s gifts
  • Always go out of your comfort zone
  • Stretch, bend, brake yourself, look at different angles, gulatin mo sarili mo


Action 4: Duplicate


  • Make a loyal team that will carry over your achievements and your system
  • Improve your output or production
  • Make use of your brain and creativity
  • Do part time work
  • Have a passive income


If you want one year of prosperity – grow seeds

If you want 10 years of prosperity – grow trees

If you want a lifetime of prosperity – grow people

  • Chinese proverbs


  • Make your team use technology
  • Sell through them using it


Action 5: Invest – (for those who have money)


  • In business – as:
    • Traditional businesses
    • Franchising
    • Networking
  • In properties – as:
    • Paupahan – rent, rent to owns, condos
    • Buy and sell
  • In papers – as:
    • Bonds –
    • mutual funds
    • Stocks


  • Invest even if you have little money
  • Magtanim sa panahon ng tag-salat
    • Save even when in times of financial crises
    • Don’t wait for the money to come to you
      • Wag mo nang hintayin pa ang tamang panahon
      • Wag mo nang hintayin pa na magkaroon ka ng sapat na perang maitatabi
      • Mag invest ka na ngayon habang maliit pa ang pera mo dahil ang pinaka matalik mong kakampi ay ang panahon



  • Indirectly through mutual funds which is 12% per annum. By?
    • Targeting long-term – monthly basis – sa maliliit na halaga
  • Directly through stocks which is 12 – 20% per annum. By?
    • Same method. Target long-term on a monthly basis – sa maliliit na halaga


Rule of thumb?

  • Invest 30%, use 70%
  • Invest and save your salary before you use it to your needs



Created with Microsoft OneNote 2013.

Idea and Brainstorming notebook

Friends, Romans and Countrymen.  A lot of my friends ask me how do I generate fucking great out of this world ideas that is manifest-able maybe 1-5 years from conception.  The answer is simple.  I am just too bright and brilliant.  Nah, seriously, I use the Yeah! notebook bought from National Bookstore.  Helps me be creative.  I find it great for journal entry, to-do list, and idea and brainstorming notes.  Don’t forget also to glue your post it notes in there in any angle & color you like. =)  BTW, I use the pilot 0.3 gel pen for finer grain writing.

Gold in the junk

So excited right now as this goes with the saying that if you’re persistent enough, you will find gold in the junk.  But apparently all persistent and hardworking alchemist didn’t find a way to convert anything into gold, but instead derived the elements found in the Mendeleev Table of Elements.  This is what happened to me, I just realized it.  While I did not get what I want (a brand new sport bike with 650cc caliber), I did literally found an old vintage 1963 model of Harley Davidson cruiser motorbike (stripped off its brand) which is mine for the taking. =)

Its a junk that I found in our warehouse and its not working.  Its really old, old enough that I’ve seen it since I was in high school.  More than 10 years just sitting in the dust to rot.  I do not expect that much but I found that its metal hardly corroded – just a lil bit.  It has no batteries, no gauges and speedometer, stripped of back brakes, battery charger, and lastly – side mirrors.

  • I did bought a Motolite battery for motorcycles
  • 10 liter Shell Premium gasoline
  • Brake replacement at the back
  • Some repair for the keys and ignition

Boom! It just works.

But I’m not yet done with it.

  • Change oil
  • Metal polisher
  • Side mirrors
  • Helmet
  • Saddlebags like in the pics.
  • Repaint.  I like the shiny deep blue paint here: By the way, it is just as like in the picture, only the color has paler blue.
  • Lastly, practice riding this.

A month battle against myself

Its been a month now and I’m doing great. =) Apparently as time flies by and my mind shifted with other subjects like what really matters most and your business – not on your own self (other self perhaps? or even external self i.e. God). Craving (psychological and physical cravings – psychological being the most potent of the two – physical can just trigger the psychological part) is just a matter of focusing through others and seeing others as your self-image. How do you see yourself? From now? which lets you shift your mind-gravity into what really matters aside from feeding your soul with pleasure.

So the multi-million dollar question is: How did I combat it effectively to this date and hopefully tomorrow or the years to come?

the Answer would be to:

  1. Realize that you are fucked up, you mis-managed your time and you do not care anymore about yourself and have no self-respect, and *nothing* you can do about it. It just persist – even if you wanted not to.
  2. Instill to yourself that no one can help you aside from yourself and God – and some good friends that really hopes you well.
  3. Make a determination not to quit but to lessen it until its gone.
  4. Just forget about it! Shift your focus from your *self* to others like business, God, friends, etc.
  5. Have some support network of good friends.
  6. Have a really good determination to be apathetic about it. So what? You can just have coffee and boom, youre just as productive if not even more.  Afterall, you are just as fucked up as you are now – so why not just have a coffee break and be productive in what really matters.
  7. Surround yourself with hobbies (not vices) you cant live without. Participate in extreme sports. Water sports proved to be more of a challenge and hard to master at first.
  8. Well, thing is, just forget about it. It just have to be recreational, so why are you submitting yourself through it like it is some sort of god who empowers you? If you cant control it in 5 straight days without, have a will to just KILL & SHOOT yourself – seriously.
  9. It really helps to have a support friends that will empower you to think other subjects even when they are gone. I’m an IT person and technology generally amazes me – even with cool ideas.  And since I am a software engineer, implementing those ideas are more appealing.  My friends generally guided me to just forget about the cravings, and think things as to implementing those suggested ideas.
  10. By saying forget about it, you are not forgetting it, instead you are just craving.
  11. In summary, my most effective escape is: “Shift your focus; Be others centered; Deliver value to community.”

Shift your focus triggers your mind to think shift and readying for some changes.

Other centered means focusing on stuffs that generally matter – like people, community, business, sports, etc. Not yourself in isolation.  Having goals that is other centered like being with God, making a business, helping people, excelling in extreme sports, learning mixed-martial-arts, making an application for android phones, etc.

Delivering value means manifesting or implementing your other-centered goals.  This will in the process, regain your personal trust and respect as well as self-forgiveness.