Excited for Skydiving

First of all, let me show you this:

06/18/2010 MANILA, Philippines – A Filipino soldier died during a skydiving exercise at an Air Force base in Pampanga Friday morning, a military spokesman said.

But still, i’ll go for it.  The adrenaline benefit outweighs the cost.  This is one in a lifetime experience.



Here’s my wishlist before the year 2009 ends:

  • Subwoofer (optional since I already have the M-Audio Studiophile BX-5a)
  • Biz
  • Travel to Singapore or Thailand
  • Pistol Gun – Springfield .45 acp Mil-spec (optional since I really don’t need this, just for occasional hobby; but I really love the Mil-spec!!!)

springfield mil-spec

  • Learn to play Tennis
  • Learn to bike – Until now, I do not know how to =(
  • Slim down – I really should be going to the Gym nowadays.