How I quit smoking

Sometimes its very hard quitting smoking with just stopping all together (cold-turkey); Sometimes its also hard to quit by disciplining yourself to just smoke 1 stick per day.  It is just not effective.

Here’s how I quit smoking:

  1. Prepare yourself mentally by meditating that smoking is negative i.e. mentally embed into your subconscious  all the negative effects of smoking especially its TASTE.
  2. Quit smoking every week but have a cheat day
    1. Do not smoke for 6 days
    2. Smoke unlimitedly (do not limit yourself to just 1 stick – as long as you feel the need, smoke) for the 1 cheat day
    3. At first, you may find yourself using 1 pack for this 1 cheat day per week
    4. After some time, your body will be accustomed to the *non smoking for 6 days* and you may find the smoke a bad taste; and so this will gradually decrease the need to smoke for the 1 cheat day
    5. repeat for many months until you quit smoking
  3. This may be effective than other methods because quitting smoking is a subconscious matter.

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