Idea and Brainstorming notebook

Friends, Romans and Countrymen.  A lot of my friends ask me how do I generate fucking great out of this world ideas that is manifest-able maybe 1-5 years from conception.  The answer is simple.  I am just too bright and brilliant.  Nah, seriously, I use the Yeah! notebook bought from National Bookstore.  Helps me be creative.  I find it great for journal entry, to-do list, and idea and brainstorming notes.  Don’t forget also to glue your post it notes in there in any angle & color you like. =)  BTW, I use the pilot 0.3 gel pen for finer grain writing.

Specifying Tomcat ports in IntelliJ IDEA to use multiple tomcat servers

Source from:

Edit the server.xml:

<Server port="${tomcat.init.port}1" shutdown="SHUTDOWN">

<Service name="Catalina">
<Connector port="${tomcat.init.port}2" protocol="HTTP/1.1"
<Connector port="${tomcat.init.port}3" protocol="HTTP/1.1" SSLEnabled="true"
maxThreads="150" scheme="https" secure="true"
clientAuth="false" sslProtocol="TLS"/>
<Connector port="${tomcat.init.port}4" protocol="AJP/1.3" redirectPort="${tomcat.init.port}3"/>


Run it like this:


so you will have


Am I *TOOL* dependent?

One of my colleagues struck me by saying “you are tool dependent”.   From the very moment he said that to me, I agree deep within – although I never answer or loudly answer YES.  I know what he means by that and now I’m asking myself that very question.  In order to answer that question, lets define first what being tool dependent is?

  • Explores a lot of tools, recursively
  • Is lazy
  • Yet is ideal
  • The goal is to produce or optimize things with very little effort
  • Does not focus on the subject matter but instead focuses on the tools to accomplish the problem or the subject matter
  • Kills time for tool exploration
  • Plays alot with the tools
  • Spends time doing boilerplate codes
  • A tool slave – relies on the tools very much
  • Always buying time or always lacks time
  • Never get things done
  • Couldn’t get things done without the tools
  • Having a hard time controlling oneself
  • Does not have self-discipline
  • Have an attention deficit disorder
  • Easily persuaded by tools
  • Jack of all trades, master of none
  • Critical thinker
  • Creative thinker to the point of once a problem occurs, the solution instantaeneously pops out of the brain and then performs research about what tool accomplishes the problem instead of analyzing the problem first and then acting after.
  • An action man without thinking first
  • You overly submit oneself to that way
  • Has a lot of options because of the result of finding a lot of possible tools and solutions to solving a particular problem.
  • Always planning to escape being tool dependent but cannot
  • Tends to over-analyze things

From this definition alone, I would say I am.  Well, I just made up this definition from what I understand to be a tool dependent.

Upon reflecting, here I think are ways to escape from being a tool dependent person.

  • A determination to change
  • An everyday re-assessment of goals if it gets done
  • Focus and focus on solving the subject matter by not relying from the tools
  • Organize
  • Follow up
  • Focus on personal development – by not using those tools
  • Have a general sense of whats happening – have a birds eye view
  • Think first before acting
  • Always rely to oneself.  Don’t be dependent to things – and don’t escape the situation
  • Develop a sense of independence
  • Believe in your own competency
  • Gain personal mastery and self-control

Systematic way of tackling tool dependence.

  • Being dependent on things means holding on desperately to things to give life a meaning or direction.  In this case, to give you a desired solution to the problem you are tackling.
  1. Be willing to let go of the tools.  Begin by resenting those tools that can keep you back from all that you are capable of.
  2. Have the ability to self-initiate and lead oneself.
  3. Limit the tool selection to just 3, so that at least you have the options.
  4. Don’t over-analyze things for your pleasure.
  5. Practice, practice, practice.  From what I’ve heard, all it takes to acquire a habit is to perform it for two weeks consistently.  For example, if you are lazy to brush your teeth everyday – and you want to do something about it; train your mind and *do* it for two weeks and it becomes a habit.

serialVersionUIDs for IntelliJ IDEA 9

While I was wondering why IDEA did not seem to have a generator for UIDs, I browsed the plugins and found serialver.  I find it stupid enough to use and then I research more from the Code inspections.

Steps for enabling IDEA to generate serialVersionUIDs:

  1. Click the Code Inspection icon from the lower right portion of IDEA.  The one displayed like detective.
  2. Click the Configure inspections link to see the Inspections dialog box.
  3. Find the Inspections -> Serialization issues -> Serializable class without ‘serialVersionUID’.
  4. Check it to enable it.
  5. Click OK to close the Inspections dialog box.

When editing a Serializable class without a serialVersionUID, it will display a warning and a Quickfix balloon to generate it.

Optimal IntelliJ IDEA vmoptions settings

Set the <idea installation dir>\bin\idea.exe.vmoptions to:


Just in case you cant get it to work because an error is displaying everytime you start IDEA.  “JVM not started…”

Use the idea.bat to start it.

edit the batch file in this line:


This points to the correct JAVA_HOME installation dir.


If you have D: drive, edit also caching in the



Hope this helps

IntelliJ Idea 8 settings

My intellij idea 8 settings found in C:\Program Files\JetBrains\IntelliJ IDEA 8.1.3\bin\:



# path to IDEA config folder. Make sure you’re using forward slashes

# path to IDEA system folder. Make sure you’re using forward slashes

# path to user installed plugins folder. Make sure you’re using forward slashes

My certificate: C:\Documents and Settings\<home dir>\.IntelliJIdea80\config\idea80.key

Upgrade to Intellij IDEA 9

This might be the single reason to upgrade to version 9.

In the Jetbrains website, one of the features of 9 is:

  • Faster Environment

New background-enabled file indexing allows you to start using essential editing features almost immediately. All the advanced features become available in minutes.


Kudos to Jetbrains for fixing this.  I would love to see IDEA faster load times.


Also this one for Android fanatics, especially you can directly program in Java

  • Android Development

A bundled Android plugin enables you to create, run and debug Android applications on both the emulator and the real device. It also supports error highlighting and code completion inside manifest and layout files, navigation between code and resources, and other productivity features.


I will definitely upgrade to 9!!

Top 100 Millionaires

Industries of the richest man

1. IT – software, tech, innovation (microsoft)
2. Investments – stocks, bonds (berkshire)
3. Telecom (mexico)
4. Furniture design – (ikea) sweden
5. Steel (india)
6. Casino, Hotels – vegas
8. Clothing (Zara)
9. Investments – diversified (HK)
10.IT – software, business acquisition (Oracle)
11.Makeups – l’oreal
12.Investments diversified (saudi)
13.Aldi germany
14.Petrochemicals – india
15.Aldi germany
16.Oil – russia
17.Hennes and Mauritz sweden
18.Diversified – india
19.Investments, IT, software
20.Aldi, Trader Joe
21.IT Software – india
22.Real estate – HK
23.Retail – wal-mart
24.Retail – wal-mart
25.IT – web services (google)
26.IT – webservices (google)
27.Retail – wal-mart
28.IT – hardware (dell)
29.IT – software (microsoft)
30.Investments – casinos
31.Real estate – hk
32.Retail – france
33.Stocks – russia
34.Steel – russia
39.leveraged buyouts
42.cox enterprises
43.oil, banking
44.oil, commodities
49.real estate
54.oils, metals
57.chocolates (ferrero)
59.real estate (chanel), drugs sports

IntelliJ IDEA 8 Shortcuts

IntelliJ IDEA 8 Productivity tips

Code completion

  • Smart type completion (ctrl + shift + space)
  • Basic completion (ctrl + space)
  • Replace by code completion (when in code completion, just select and tab)
  • Class name completion (ctrl + alt + space)
  • Complete statement (ctrl + shift + enter)
Code assistants
  • Comment / uncomment by // (ctrl + /)
  • Comment / uncomment by /**/ (ctrl + shift + /)
  • Override methods (ctrl + o)
  • Implement methods (ctrl + I)
  • Show quick javadoc (ctrl + q)
  • show parameter info (ctrl + p)
  • go to declaration (ctrl + b)
  • external javadoc (shift + f1)
Code template
  • try / catch (ctrl + t)
Code editing
  • select word and highlight (ctrl + w)
  • incremental search (alt + f3) or (ctrl + f)
Code navigation
  • Go to java class (ctrl + n)
  • Go to non-java class (ctrl + shift + n)
  • Go to implementation (ctrl + alt + b)
  • Go to symbol (class, method or field) (ctrl + alt + shift + n)
  • Go to declaration (ctrl + b)
  • recent files popup (ctrl + e)
  • quick select in popup (for open files) (alt + f1)
  • file structure popup (ctrl + f12)
  • use camel case when searching from classes
  • find in path (ctrl + shift + f)