How to focus and keep things going

Sometimes I find myself out of focus.  The million dollar question is how do I program my mind to focus.  How do I keep things on track?  I believe that when you ask this question to yourself, you will find answers from within.

There are good books related to the topic such as Focal Point from Brian Tracy that keeps you in perspective.  Basically teaches you how to get things organized, what is important in your life and what should you focus about.  There are books also related to accomplishing things like Getting things done by David Allen, which more likes a methodology and instructs you a simple process of how to get things done without cluttering your mind.

According to this article, there are five levels of focus.  And that if you want to succeed, you should focus on these five.

  1. Lifetime
  2. Yearly
  3. Weekly
  4. Daily
  5. Currently

Lifetime.  Ahh, the most difficult thing is finding your purpose in life.  Here’s how to have a lifetime goal:

  1. Find what matters to you (so much you care about it that you are willing to do it for free) – hmm, what is it for me?
  2. Develop a portfolio of passions (I sure have lots of these)

    portfolio of passions
    portfolio of passions
  3. Find the intersection between what matters and passions.
  4. Make a mission statement (1 sentence)
  5. Refine, start from step 1.

Yearly.  Yearly level of your lifetime goals.  Develop a goal for the year related to your lifetime.

Weekly. Goals to accomplish yearly goals.

Daily. Goals to accomplish weekly goals.  Do the most important tasks that will make the most difference.

And so on.

To get optimum results, you should:

  1. Not multitask
  2. Prevent distraction
  3. Make use of the ultradian sprint to accomplish as much as possible.

Determine your weakness in these 5 levels.  Is it yearly? weekly?  Mine is that I dont set a yearly and weekly goals.  Daily just happens to be what I accomplish as things happen, not what I should do to make things happen.  In short, my lifetime goal is just a dream and I should clear this from the start to straighten things a bit.