A month battle against myself

Its been a month now and I’m doing great. =) Apparently as time flies by and my mind shifted with other subjects like what really matters most and your business – not on your own self (other self perhaps? or even external self i.e. God). Craving (psychological and physical cravings – psychological being the most potent of the two – physical can just trigger the psychological part) is just a matter of focusing through others and seeing others as your self-image. How do you see yourself? From now? which lets you shift your mind-gravity into what really matters aside from feeding your soul with pleasure.

So the multi-million dollar question is: How did I combat it effectively to this date and hopefully tomorrow or the years to come?

the Answer would be to:

  1. Realize that you are fucked up, you mis-managed your time and you do not care anymore about yourself and have no self-respect, and *nothing* you can do about it. It just persist – even if you wanted not to.
  2. Instill to yourself that no one can help you aside from yourself and God – and some good friends that really hopes you well.
  3. Make a determination not to quit but to lessen it until its gone.
  4. Just forget about it! Shift your focus from your *self* to others like business, God, friends, etc.
  5. Have some support network of good friends.
  6. Have a really good determination to be apathetic about it. So what? You can just have coffee and boom, youre just as productive if not even more.  Afterall, you are just as fucked up as you are now – so why not just have a coffee break and be productive in what really matters.
  7. Surround yourself with hobbies (not vices) you cant live without. Participate in extreme sports. Water sports proved to be more of a challenge and hard to master at first.
  8. Well, thing is, just forget about it. It just have to be recreational, so why are you submitting yourself through it like it is some sort of god who empowers you? If you cant control it in 5 straight days without, have a will to just KILL & SHOOT yourself – seriously.
  9. It really helps to have a support friends that will empower you to think other subjects even when they are gone. I’m an IT person and technology generally amazes me – even with cool ideas.  And since I am a software engineer, implementing those ideas are more appealing.  My friends generally guided me to just forget about the cravings, and think things as to implementing those suggested ideas.
  10. By saying forget about it, you are not forgetting it, instead you are just craving.
  11. In summary, my most effective escape is: “Shift your focus; Be others centered; Deliver value to community.”

Shift your focus triggers your mind to think shift and readying for some changes.

Other centered means focusing on stuffs that generally matter – like people, community, business, sports, etc. Not yourself in isolation.  Having goals that is other centered like being with God, making a business, helping people, excelling in extreme sports, learning mixed-martial-arts, making an application for android phones, etc.

Delivering value means manifesting or implementing your other-centered goals.  This will in the process, regain your personal trust and respect as well as self-forgiveness.



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