Income equality only possible with growth

This is a reaction to the point made by Joseph Estrada:

“Income equality distribution is only possible with economic growth.” – Mr. Estrada

Theoretically I believe that even with no economic growth, i.e. that being constant over time, it is possible to have an equal distribution of income. Why? Because equal income distribution is just a matter of distributing properly the money collected by the government (using direct or indirect taxes, etc.) and allocating it correctly until the ratio of the first through the last decile is equal to one. Meaning that all the 1-10th decile is given 20% allocation so its equal.

Another point is according to Ravallion and Chen (1997) in their research paper using 64 countries sample across Europe and Asia, there is a negative correlation between growth and equality of income.  The more growth you have as a country, the more income distribution varies. This may be because of corruption or bureaucracy, but another study entails this.

One of the possibilities of equal income distribution is the regressive collection of taxes, then assigning it to high integrity officials who really likes to help alleviate the country’s economic outlook. And we dont need growth for that. Collection of taxes from major corporations and growth will affect the per capita, not the income distribution.

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