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Is currently for Production this November 2010.  Hoping clients and users will like it.  Crossing fingers.

Wanting a sport bike – Kawasaki ER-6F

I am.  Is really drooling over the sport bike Kawasaki ER-6F.  Its really cheap compared to other sport bikes such as Suzuki / Yamaha / more so Honda.  Just priced at PHP 360,000 compared to the likes of the big boys PHP 600,000 above.  Plus its more than enough power at 650cc.

Some review:

Engine/transmission: 649cc, twin-cylinder four-stroke with eight valves; 71bhp at 8,500rpm, 49lb ft of torque at 7,000rpm. Six-speed gearbox, chain final drive.

Performance: top speed 201 kph(est), average fuel consumption 22.53 kilometers per liter.

We like: Engine’s eagerness, styling, wieldiness, quality.

We don’t like: Poor mirrors, heavy gearchange, vibration.

Specs listed here:

Here are some pictures to drool upon:

Expressing words in binary

Do you feel the need to shortcut everything?  Especially when you feel lazy typing everything on a messaging system like Yahoo or Skype… or even cellphone to some techy guys.  Here’s how:

Convert short answers to binary.

Okay or not = Yes or no = true or false = just type 1 or 0

Thanks = thank you = 10x (tenx) = 2x (in decimal form, but every techy guys understands this)

Finally, on some surveys that you dont wanna give your name exclusively, but you feel honest about it.  Just give your name in binary form. – That way its still valid.