Process terminated with exit code 3

When you get this error when compiling using your favorite IDE, you may want to increase the heap size of the Java compiler.

My settings were: -Xmx1024m -Xms512m -XX:MaxPermSize=256m

Hope this helps

Optimizing intellij idea


– Downgrade to IntelliJ 5 or 6. 5 being the fastest but memory consuming, and 6 being the most stable and the UI interface is almost the same with 8.1.4.  I haven’t tested 4.5 and will not dwell into those early versions.

– If you are using 7 above, you might want to upgrade your hard disk to SSD (solid state devices) for their being 0ms read time at 120gb/s write time.  This is some solution that you will feed productive again.

Other suggestions from the net that I found:

– use ext3 linux file system in windows using fs-driver ( and point your cache in there.

– put a -server, although this I think does not have a significant effect as I’ve tested it.

– max out your memory, -Xms256m -Xmx1024m -XX:MaxPermSize=512m

– turn off anti-virus

– turn off local history in IntelliJ

– defrag

– minimal graphic visual effect by opting to performance increase

– turn off system restore

Optimal IntelliJ IDEA vmoptions settings

Set the <idea installation dir>\bin\idea.exe.vmoptions to:


Just in case you cant get it to work because an error is displaying everytime you start IDEA.  “JVM not started…”

Use the idea.bat to start it.

edit the batch file in this line:


This points to the correct JAVA_HOME installation dir.


If you have D: drive, edit also caching in the



Hope this helps

Server buying tips

Server buying tips:

  • Check for model number of individual parts.. Check for its compatibility towards each other.
  • Check for a good power supply.. it will be on 24/7
  • Dont fill in all the memory slots of the mobo, it may cause timing problems
  • Test memory using memtest (its either failure of the memory or the board)

Pidgin messaging client and Windows memory performance

In a corporate world, we are required to work in a Windows system.  Windows applications are so inadequate and does not perform well on windows itself; not that its programming model is “bulok” or rotten, but the general theme of the corporate world is selfish – and not community driven.  Examples are each companies that promote their messaging client have their own protocol and client.   When you use all (Filipinos normally have accounts for all messaging clients – Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, AIM, and the like), your Windows system will eventually become slow.  If you look into the memory footprint of Skype, it occupies 30MB or more.  Same goes for Yahoo Messenger.  So when you add that up, it will take 60MB or more.

Memory footprint of messaging clients

Being an avid Linux user, where community and unselfishness thrives; everything in Linux are adaptive and ideal – programmers try to incorporate all.  I’ll introduce to you the Pidgin messaging client.  Pidgin is so called a universal messaging client.  It can act as a Yahoo Messenger client, Google Talk, AIM, and so many more. – except for Skype.  Even if you have accounts on all these, looking at the memory footprint for Pidgin above is just less than 30MB.  Here we can see a lot of memory savings and therefore improves performance.

Pidgin protocols

Above are the various protocols that can be added to Pidgin.