Chosen Destiny 3

When I was in high school, me and my classmate made this story line plot that we want to program into a game that never really materializes because our knowledge were lacking and there are no mentors from our school; with no Internet that time.  Anyway, we would like to have this build up and developed. Hope the reader would contribute.

  1. In the beginning, there was nothing… then God said “Let there be light!”… and there was light…
    1. Master Druid Vince finds a baby crying in the forest.
      1. Vince takes a peel to see whether it is a boy or girl…
      2. Vince gives the baby a name (default is Wei)
    2. Vince raises Wei, lives in Druid Stonehenge west.
      1. Vince sends Wei on errands
        1. Wei collects beans, looks around the forest
        2. Wei purges the forest of gooes
        3. Wei stops a forest fire.
        4. Wei defends their home from bandits (with Vince’s help)
      2. Vince teaches Wei some spells (Wei starts with Heal wounds)
        1. Wei learns Fireball (after collecting beans)
        2. Wei learns Iceblast (after fighting gooes)
        3. Wei learns Searing Wind (after forest fire)
        4. Wei learns Rumbling Earth (after figthing bandits)
    3. Vince sends Wei on quest. “Find yourself, child. Choose your destiny”
  2. The Quest
    1. Passing the Forest of Silence… meeting Quietus
      1. Sidequest: before passing the Forest of Silence, go thru Halfling Hills
    2. Maisung, meeting Xiao Fu
      1. Sidequest: after leaving Maisung, go to Tristam before Bourdomburg
    3. Bourdomburg, ghouls and demons, meeting Kishin and Kyrie
      1. Sidequest: before going to Burdomburg, go to Furaiwu – Fuku village
      2. Sidequest: At Furaiwu, visit Fakefuji – Hoka village
    4. Marina Wharf, meeting Marin, and Shoki, Xiao Fu leaves
      1. Sidequest: kill the sea monster
    5. Semoki Territory, look for Druid Stonehenge north
      1. Sidequest: kill the Abominable Snowman
    6. Draconi Territory, meeting Elle, Juno, and the Dragons
      1. Sidequest: defeat Khusheame in battle
    7. Deshdulb Territory: meeting Erlaike, looking for DSH East
      1. Sidequest: enter Maccoro City, meet Pygmalion
    8. Tepirs Territory: looking for DSH South
      1. Sidequest: look for Elven Village where Elle lives
    9. End of quest, everyone goes home.
  3. Disaster Strikes – the Druid of Chaos appears
    1. DSH West, Vince is badly injured, but still alive.
    2. Looking for friends (everyone is in their hometown)
      1. Quietus joins right away
      2. Xiao Fu is in jail (cant join)
      3. Ninjas have their own group (wont join)
      4. Kishin asks for some money to pay for his debts, then joins
      5. Kyrie is scared, joins anyway
      6. Juno joins after Wei brings him back to his senses
      7. Khusheame tells a story about the past and then joins
      8. Erlaike joins after Wei help him fight a bunch of demons
      9. Marin and Shoki have their own fight under the sea
      10. The Faries are busy protecting their forest
      11. Pygmalion is busy with his mercenaries
      12. Elle joins right away
    3. The foresaken Land: Isles of Pearls
      1. Looking for the Realm of the Chaos Druid
      2. Final Battle. — Ending Credits
  4. Epilogue: Dragonspire

Jovi and Khusheame are having a conversation about what had just happened and relates it with what had happened in the past. Pygmalion appears and says it is an eternal cycle that will always happen. “It is best to prepare for the next chaos stream…”

“What Chaos stream?” Jovi asks…

“You didnt know?” Pygmalion replies.


Income equality only possible with growth

This is a reaction to the point made by Joseph Estrada:

“Income equality distribution is only possible with economic growth.” – Mr. Estrada

Theoretically I believe that even with no economic growth, i.e. that being constant over time, it is possible to have an equal distribution of income. Why? Because equal income distribution is just a matter of distributing properly the money collected by the government (using direct or indirect taxes, etc.) and allocating it correctly until the ratio of the first through the last decile is equal to one. Meaning that all the 1-10th decile is given 20% allocation so its equal.

Another point is according to Ravallion and Chen (1997) in their research paper using 64 countries sample across Europe and Asia, there is a negative correlation between growth and equality of income.  The more growth you have as a country, the more income distribution varies. This may be because of corruption or bureaucracy, but another study entails this.

One of the possibilities of equal income distribution is the regressive collection of taxes, then assigning it to high integrity officials who really likes to help alleviate the country’s economic outlook. And we dont need growth for that. Collection of taxes from major corporations and growth will affect the per capita, not the income distribution.