Dependent personality disorder

Am gonna post some of the passages from this article:


  • Persons with dependent personality disorder are docile, passive, and nonassertive
  • They exert a great deal of energy to please others, are self-sacrificing, and constantly attempt to elicit the approval of others
  • They are easily influenced and can be taken advantage of easily
  • Patients with dependent personality disorder have a low level of confidence in their own intelligence and abilities
  • They often have difficulty making decisions and undertaking projects on their own
  • They are prone to be pessimistic, self-doubting, and belittle their own accomplishments
  • They shy away from responsibility in occupational settings
  • Affected individuals are uneasy being alone and are preoccupied with the fear of being abandoned or rejected by others
  • Their style of thinking is naïve, uncritical, and lacks discretion


It is commonly thought that the development of dependence in these individuals is a result of over-involvement and intrusive behavior by their primary caretakers. Caretakers may foster dependence in the child to meet their own dependency needs, and may reward extreme loyalty but reject attempts the child makes towards independence. Families of those with dependent personality disorder are often do not express their emotions and are controlling; they demonstrate poorly defined relational roles within the family unit.

Individuals with dependent personality disorder often have been socially humiliated by others in their developmental years. They may carry significant doubts about their abilities to perform tasks, take on new responsibilities, and generally function independently of others. This reinforces their suspicions that they are incapable of living autonomously. In response to these feelings, they portray a helplessness that elicits caregiving behavior from some people in their lives.

  • Have difficulty making common decisions.  Needs excessive amounts of advise.
  • Need others to assume responsibility for them.  Withdraw responsibilities by acting passive and helpless.
  • Have difficulty expressing disagreement with others
  • Have difficulty initiating or doing things on their own.  Lacks self-confidence.
  • Feel helpless when alone. Because they feel incapable of caring for themselves, they experience significant anxiety when alone. To avoid being alone, they may be with people in whom they have little interest

Part II: Running Adempiere on IntelliJ IDEA

Part II: Running Adempiere on IntelliJ IDEA

This part is a continuation of the first part which is creating projects up to compiling Adempiere in IntelliJ IDEA.  Part 1: Adempiere on IDEA here. Running Adempiere is even easier that the previous part.

In the first part, we have built the Adempiere with the IntelliJ IDEA’s own build tool.  Now, we will build Adempiere to package and prepare it for running inside an Application Server.   We will use Glassfish as an Application Server.

The build.xml

The build.xml is an Ant build script necessary for preparing, compiling and packaging Adempiere.  Adempiere guys created it for this purpose.   I am writing an upgrade to the Ant build script to use a Maven build script for Adempiere.

The default target of build.xml (found in utils_dev\build.xml) is the complete target.  The complete target creates all jar, dependencies, and everything else.  End output is the installable Adempiere zip file.

  1. Click to open the Ant Build tool window in IntelliJ IDEA
  2. Click the “+” button to add the build.xml
  3. Find the utils_dev\build.xml
  4. Click OK to add.
  5. You will see an “adempiere” in the ant build tool window
  6. Open it and double click the “complete” target to execute.

Figure 9

The result of building should be like this and no error would occur.  If there is for example a delete error, just re-run the complete target.

Figure 10

Running Adempiere Setup

  1. Inside the trunk directory, double click on Adempiere subdirectory
  2. Click RUN_Setup.bat
  3. Once done, you can now double click on the RUN_Adempiere.bat


I have used for the layout and organization.

Updates for the t-shirt biz

We just bought a new Digital heat-press machine last Saturday.  We haven’t tested it yet since we still have a printer to buy.  So no t-shirt outputs yet.  We are working on it within the week and we hope to produce sample t-shirts.

The digital heat press machine transaction took about 5 hours since we opted that the merchant teaches us the basics and the fundamentals of t-shirt transfer business.  For reference, we will post the materials in the comment side.

Tasks delegation would be:  I will handle the marketing side.  Jeff will be the finance and Mike will be the operations.  Of course its not done without the output product – we will all be the production workhorse.

Using the Freemind tool, click here for Mike’s todo list.  Click here for mine.

We have updated / created the following for use:

On the side note:

My mixer just arrived last Oct. 17. I was really happy for it.  The transaction was very fast and I didn’t expect it to be – the last time I ordered from the net took more than 1 month to be delivered.  Now, the delivery works wonders – just 1 week.   I tested the Pioneer SE-DJ5000 headset for professional DJ and it wows me – until now I’m exited to test the mixer but I cant since its power input is at 120 volts.  As soon as I find an AVR power regulator, I will test it right away.  Cheers!

Tools for group collaboration

I came across this on the Net. Some cool tools for online group collaboration (that you can use without sitting right next to each other).

  1. Zoho – It’s hard to jump in and describe the best features about Zoho’s vast suite of online editing and group organization tools, because so much changes on a week-to-week basis.  It’s able to handle both the lower-level tasks of group editing, document sharing, and other work, as well as the milestone tracking, group chat, invoice creation, and other tasks needed by teams that aren’t sitting right next to each other. It’s good stuff, and it’s free.
  2. MindMeister – For ideas and projects where drawing a line through your thoughts helps keep them together, MindMeister is a great helper. Not only does their web-based design tool allow for easy branching, notating, and organization, but if you just want to jam in a few ideas to be molded into shape later, it allows for email additions. You can, of course, share, publish, and collaborate on your mental diagrams, and doing so might just save you a really unnecessary phone call or stop-and-chat.

    If you use Freemind like me, this is your online version of it.

  3. DimDim – Makers of “webinar” software are feverishly pitching the idea of at-your-desk conferences as a money-saving alternative to travel these days. DimDim, an open-source meeting platform, offers web users a truly money-saving experience, with up to 20 users able to view a presentation, three of them with microphone access, with no software installations required. It’s a nice step up if you need something a little more professional than a social video chat room, and is surprisingly responsive on freehand drawing, text, audio, and even screencasting across a variety of connection speeds.
  4. Google Wave – an online tool for real-time communication and collaboration. A wave can be both a conversation and a document where people can discuss and work together using richly formatted text, photos, videos, maps, and more.
  5. Google Groups – Groups lets a, um, group of like-minded folks hash out arguments, answer questions, and point to helpful resources without software or constraints. Users of a group can rate posts for helpfulness, search out answers across their own groups or other similar-themed topics, and get their answers and responses delivered from an easily filtered email source. It’s an oft-overlooked tool in an age of fancy-pants social tools, but it gets everyone hooked up and talking pretty quickly.

Typhoon “Pepeng”

After being struck by typhoon ‘Ondoy’ (Ketsana), here’s preparation for the said super typhoon ‘Pepeng’ (Parma).

Typhoon Ondoy

At 8 am, Saturday, Sept. 26, 2009.  I was about to go to my colleague to buy the heat press machine for our t-shirt biz and escort my girl to her house.  We didn’t proceed, was very sleepy.  For us its too early in the morning and its raining heavy.  Then again it didn’t occur to me that we are under the typhoon.  It feels like ordinary day at rainy season.  And not a single news about it (although I hardly am reading the news!)  9 am, off we go.  The road in Quirino highway is flooded about 3 inches.  But this is normal, a car can still pass – and traffic begins.  At 10 am, still on the way due to heavy traffic, suddenly its raining cats and dogs and then we can’t pass after the Nagtahan bridge – the water is about knee deep.  Car can’t pass.  We took the u-turn to Nagtahan and then I remember and anticipated that Quirino water level would increase by twice.  We didn’t proceed back, instead, we went to the Robinson Otis mall.  Bottomline, We were stranded in the said mall until the water went down last Sunday afternoon.  And I lost a plate – the one in front of the car.

Typhoon Pepeng

Since Ondoy devastated alot about Manila – I experienced it the first time; the news was flooded with Ondoy topic; and many people died and traumatized.  It was declared that Pepeng was a super typhoon with all its power like Katrina with category 4 or 5.  People starts to panic buy.  Malls were busy. Everything is in panic mode with anticipation of the coming Pepeng.  We were even asked to leave early. =) In short, Pepeng translates to the word destruction.  To show this:

typhoon pepeng

As you can see, there is another typhoon coming called Melor.

Pidgin messaging client and Windows memory performance

In a corporate world, we are required to work in a Windows system.  Windows applications are so inadequate and does not perform well on windows itself; not that its programming model is “bulok” or rotten, but the general theme of the corporate world is selfish – and not community driven.  Examples are each companies that promote their messaging client have their own protocol and client.   When you use all (Filipinos normally have accounts for all messaging clients – Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, AIM, and the like), your Windows system will eventually become slow.  If you look into the memory footprint of Skype, it occupies 30MB or more.  Same goes for Yahoo Messenger.  So when you add that up, it will take 60MB or more.

Memory footprint of messaging clients

Being an avid Linux user, where community and unselfishness thrives; everything in Linux are adaptive and ideal – programmers try to incorporate all.  I’ll introduce to you the Pidgin messaging client.  Pidgin is so called a universal messaging client.  It can act as a Yahoo Messenger client, Google Talk, AIM, and so many more. – except for Skype.  Even if you have accounts on all these, looking at the memory footprint for Pidgin above is just less than 30MB.  Here we can see a lot of memory savings and therefore improves performance.

Pidgin protocols

Above are the various protocols that can be added to Pidgin.