Paano ka sasagana sa buhay

Paano ka sasagana sa buhay

Sunday, April 26, 2015

8:07 AM

By Bo Sanchez


Action 1:  Believe


  • Baguhin ang paniniwala tunkol sa pera
    • Gusto ng Dyos maging mayaman ka at sagana sa buhay ie. Parable of the seeds and the sower
  • Wag maging mahirap dahil ayaw ito ng Dyos
  • Wag magipit sa pera dahil ayaw ito ng Dyos
  • Wag magka utang dahil ayaw ito ng Dyos
  • Maging masagana


  • Kailangan mag generate ng new ideas para magkaroon ng pera


Action 2: Serve


  • Serve people in whatever you do
  • Wag maging ma pride tunkol sa pera at serbisyo i.e. walang bayad na serbisyo
  • Gustuhin at piliin maging mayaman



  1. Palawakin ang sakop i.e. Henry Sy – by building a lot of malls, he was able to serve a lot of people.
    1. Ilang tao ang pinaglilingkuran mo?
    2. Gano kalawak ang serbisyo mo? Ang scope ng trabaho mo?
    3. Gano karami ang pinagsisilbihan mo?
  2. Dagdagan ang naibibigay mong kasiyahan
    1. Consumer value / satisfaction – ilang customer ang nasisiyahan sa serbisyo mo?
  3. Dagdagan ang diwa ng paglinkod mo
    1. Pagmamahal sa customer – genuine service
    2. Ilang mga customer ang naging kaibigan mo o suki?



  1. Honing your skills
  2. Build your network of trust
    1. Poor people go to work, rich people build networks
  3. Continue to serve people
    1. Maging pinaka magaling sa negosyo mo
    2. Mahalin ang customer mo at buong pusong paglinkuran
    3. Maglinkod muna sa kapwa at pagbutihin ang trabaho mo


Action 3: Grow


  • Enhance yourself inside out (spiritually, morally, physically, competitively)
  • Know your strengths and weaknesses
  • Focus on your strengths because its God’s gift to you
  • Continue to build your God given strengths
    • i.e. programming
  • In economics: specialization / division of labor that focuses on your competitive advantage / edge
  • Be a lion-hearted and persistent towards getting this God’s gifts
  • Always go out of your comfort zone
  • Stretch, bend, brake yourself, look at different angles, gulatin mo sarili mo


Action 4: Duplicate


  • Make a loyal team that will carry over your achievements and your system
  • Improve your output or production
  • Make use of your brain and creativity
  • Do part time work
  • Have a passive income


If you want one year of prosperity – grow seeds

If you want 10 years of prosperity – grow trees

If you want a lifetime of prosperity – grow people

  • Chinese proverbs


  • Make your team use technology
  • Sell through them using it


Action 5: Invest – (for those who have money)


  • In business – as:
    • Traditional businesses
    • Franchising
    • Networking
  • In properties – as:
    • Paupahan – rent, rent to owns, condos
    • Buy and sell
  • In papers – as:
    • Bonds –
    • mutual funds
    • Stocks


  • Invest even if you have little money
  • Magtanim sa panahon ng tag-salat
    • Save even when in times of financial crises
    • Don’t wait for the money to come to you
      • Wag mo nang hintayin pa ang tamang panahon
      • Wag mo nang hintayin pa na magkaroon ka ng sapat na perang maitatabi
      • Mag invest ka na ngayon habang maliit pa ang pera mo dahil ang pinaka matalik mong kakampi ay ang panahon



  • Indirectly through mutual funds which is 12% per annum. By?
    • Targeting long-term – monthly basis – sa maliliit na halaga
  • Directly through stocks which is 12 – 20% per annum. By?
    • Same method. Target long-term on a monthly basis – sa maliliit na halaga


Rule of thumb?

  • Invest 30%, use 70%
  • Invest and save your salary before you use it to your needs



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