Not good at UI but good at UX

Is there a difference?

I am a software developer, engineer and a consumer.  I am never good at the front end UI especially when designing a UI.  But as a meticulous consumer and an enthusiast of gadgets and technologies, I can say I am good at UX and providing inputs on how consumers think.

The best UX does not necessarily have the best UI design

Take Google for example. Their search engines, gmails, every part of their product does not have a massive UI design, but a very simple direct to the point UX.  Apple’s website doesnt have a very good UI, in fact one can argue its simple enough to provide good UX.

A good UX always comes from the consumer’s point of view

I believe anyone can be good at providing UX (user experiences).  UX is how the consumer would intuitively use your designs.  Being a consumer myself, means I am more direct to the point of what I want to do with the product itself, website for example.  It should provide clear way of navigating things, of doing things, and of transacting things.

If its an ecommerce website, it doesnt have to be misguiding the user about different products aside from what the user searches and offering the alternatives.  The alternatives should be intuitive enough not to divulge over other products.  The user would just love to hate that, if you always offer another alternative different from what he searches.  Its not meaningful.

Also, the user would love a clear workflow from search until the end, and not misguided by some other offers in the middle. Ads perhaps.

UI supposed to simplify things

Like craigslist, it doesnt matter if the consumer is presented with all text.  As long as its simple, easy to understand, easy to perform transaction with.  With too much information nowadays, theres a trend to getting as much UI printed in a visually appealing way but non-sensical.  UI is supposed to simplify things, not complicate it.  My rule of thumb (being a developer and not a good UI designer) is just to present the website full of text, in a simple manner like Google does, and also to simplify the presented text further using UI if you cannot get away with words.  That way, you minimize the text presented, and minimize the visual infomration presented.

To summarize this, consumers usually go for all things simple. In text as well as in UI. If the text is simpler to present, use text. If the UI is even simpler, use UI. Do not overuse text and UI. Do not overuse Ads, do not over present a misleading information when the user are searching.  Always take the least effort to make the website, the straight line (the direct path) is the shortest path between two end points.

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