Process terminated with exit code 3

When you get this error when compiling using your favorite IDE, you may want to increase the heap size of the Java compiler.

My settings were: -Xmx1024m -Xms512m -XX:MaxPermSize=256m

Hope this helps

Disable Windows Autoplay feature to stop viruses from spreading

Normally the autoplay feature of Windows can help spread unwanted viruses from one drive (e.g. USB) to another system.

Here’s how to disable the autoplay feature:

  1. Go to the Start –> Run
  2. Type in gpedit.msc (group policy editor for windows)
  3. Go to the Computer Configuration –> Administrative Templates –> System
  4. Find the “Turn off Autoplay”
  5. Double click it and click the “Enable”
  6. Select “All-drives” instead of “CD-ROM drives”
  7. Click okay and youre good to go.

Configure Pidgin for GoogleTalk in Proxy

Here’s how to configure GoogleTalk in Pidgin under a proxy server:

  1. Open Pidgin and go to Add / Edit Account window of Pidgin.
  2. From the drop-down box choose XMPP as the Protocol.
  3. For the Screen name enter your Google Id (Gmail Id without the 
  4. For Server enter

  • You can leave the Resource with the default “Home“.
  • In the Password field enter your Google ID password.
  • Enter Local alias as whatever you want to.
  1. In the Advanced tab, check Require SSL/TLS
  2. Force old SSL unchecked, and Allow plaintext auth unchecked
  3. Connect port: 5222
  4. File transfer proxies:
  5. Select the desired proxy protocol. e.g. HTTP
  6. Enter the proxy domain host. e.g.
  7. Enter the proxy port. e.g. 80 or 8080
  8. If your proxy requires an authentication, enter proxy username and password.

Troubleshooting errors reported:

  • HTTP proxy connection error 407
    • Means the proxy requires an authentication.  Just enter your proxy username and password.
  • HTTP proxy connection error 504
    • Means there’s a connection timeout.
    • Alternatively use this settings:
    • Require SSL/TLS: Unchecked
      Force old (port 5223) SSL: Checked
      Allow plaintext auth over unencrypted streams: Un-Checked
      Connect Port: 443
      Connect Server:
      Proxy type: Use Global Proxy Settings

Hope this helps!

MIDI mapping Xone 1D to traktor pro

Hi guys

Got a problem in mapping midi from xone 1d to traktor pro?  Hope this can be of help.

Found this on youtube:

Fortunately for Behringer BCD3000 guys out there (I’ve done some research with BCD3000 before I did on Xone 1D).  Here’s the step by step link with graphics.

I will upload my settings after I set up my Xone 1D in a while.  Hopefully I can attach some graphics to it for better sampling. =)