Gold in the junk

So excited right now as this goes with the saying that if you’re persistent enough, you will find gold in the junk.  But apparently all persistent and hardworking alchemist didn’t find a way to convert anything into gold, but instead derived the elements found in the Mendeleev Table of Elements.  This is what happened to me, I just realized it.  While I did not get what I want (a brand new sport bike with 650cc caliber), I did literally found an old vintage 1963 model of Harley Davidson cruiser motorbike (stripped off its brand) which is mine for the taking. =)

Its a junk that I found in our warehouse and its not working.  Its really old, old enough that I’ve seen it since I was in high school.  More than 10 years just sitting in the dust to rot.  I do not expect that much but I found that its metal hardly corroded – just a lil bit.  It has no batteries, no gauges and speedometer, stripped of back brakes, battery charger, and lastly – side mirrors.

  • I did bought a Motolite battery for motorcycles
  • 10 liter Shell Premium gasoline
  • Brake replacement at the back
  • Some repair for the keys and ignition

Boom! It just works.

But I’m not yet done with it.

  • Change oil
  • Metal polisher
  • Side mirrors
  • Helmet
  • Saddlebags like in the pics.
  • Repaint.  I like the shiny deep blue paint here: By the way, it is just as like in the picture, only the color has paler blue.
  • Lastly, practice riding this.

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