Wondering how to sync blog from Evernote

I have almost 250MB evernote notes since the start of my Evernote days (the stopping of my WordPress days, lol) but now I want to get back to WordPress and I would like to sync my important stuff from Evernote. I found a way – the evernote sync – but it has payment =(  Or can this be possible? I mean can WordPress handle 250MB of evernote data?

I intend to find out, so stay tune.



– Updated –

WordPress FREE (is my account) can handle up to 3GB of data, but I cant upload evernote-sync to it because im using a free account.  Theres even no guarantee that I can upload it when not in free account because the site is controlled and hosted by WordPress.  So this means, regardless of I develop a plugin for it to sync, I cant. This is unfortunate =(



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