How to repair car stone chips

ow to repair stone chips

The stone chips if not repaired in time will cause corrosion like in this photo. That’s why it’s good idea to repair stone chips as soon as they appear.

This one is not corroded yet, so we’ll try to repair it. The car is clean and dry and we have all we need – the matching spray paint ordered from a dealer and a toothpick. If you have a touch-up paint with the brush you can use it instead, although I found that with a sharp toothpick you can do more accurate job.

After shaking the spray paint very well (for a few minutes) spray very small amount into the cap

Now, slightly deep the end of the toothpick into the paint in the cap. Very carefully, I’m trying to barely fill up the damage with the paint without letting it to come out.

Now it looks much better and it won’t be corroded later.


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