Cure for lazyness

I have to admit, *alot* of times, I get lazy with my life. And suddenly I feel stuck around the corner.

While researching, I found this helpful passage to help you realize what you must do.

  • if you dont make things happen, things will happen to you.
  • stop talking, thinking or writing about your problem, start doing something.
  • start acting.
  • dont get anxiety, discomfort, or fear to prevent you from starting.
  • most people are held back or are stuck in their tracks because they believe everything should feel good.
  • once you accept life is, you can go ahead and do whatever needs to be done, despite how it makes you feel.
  • we dont have to be ruled by our feelings; we can choose to let our reason guide us.
  • we have to stop living on auto-pilot and get into the habit of thinking before acting.
  • stop being shortsighted; realize that the pleasure now (watching tv, partying all night) yields to the pain of regret, shame and lack of advancement.  the pain you choose to push through (working on a report late night) leads to pleasure and pride of accomplishment.

Word of encouragement:

Don’t make excuses.  In fact we already have the tools to succeed. Those tools are: “A heart to resolve, a head to contrive, and a hand to execute.” (Edward Gibbon, 1737 ~ 1794)



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