Behringer DDM4000 mixer support and International warranty

I was so excited that the mixer (Behringer DDM4000) had arrived.  Although just now. =(

Here’s my experience about online ordering, international warranty, and Behringer, and in general.

I ordered it last October along with some other music tools like a good sound card (ESI Gigaport HD – 24bit output 4 channel stereo output, USB input) and a DJ headphone (Pioneer DJS-5000).  While testing it, (I have to test it thoroughly since its a Behringer), I found out that the item was defective.  Other items are not.  The high and middle equalizer in channel 1 produces a noise.  So I have to let the dealer here in the Philippines repair it.  1) They did not have an experience of repairing the product since its relatively new in the market. 2) They won’t refund/replace/repair it for free since Behringer does not have an international warranty.  My dilemma was to let it repair or get it replace with a good one.  Since the item is new, I decided to email and return it back the store paying a huge amount of PHP 9,000 for the shipment and PHP 3,000 so that the online store can process them.  (The item was originally priced at PHP 17,000 + PHP 15,000 for shipment)  That sucked!!!  I was uberly pissed with that.

My experience of online ordering was generally good but there are few things I’d like to remember:  You have to check what products you buy since you don’t have a way to tell if it works outright since you can’t test it.  Reviews doesn’t count if you got a lemon product.  Credibility of the store is a must.  Not only of the store but also with the shipper.  You have to look also for an international warranty of the product; what to do if the product is defective; refund, replace and return policies.  I think Apple products have a very good international warranty support policy and should be the basis for companies willing to have international warranty.  There’s nothing like Apple.

To conclude things out, DDM4000 had arrived yesterday after 3 weeks of replacement + shipping.  Duh!  But I was still exited and tested the functionality right away.  Good thing it doesn’t have any defect that I noticed.  Noise in each channel in each equalizer was gone.  MIDI is configurable.  All knobs, faders and buttons are working.  I will still test it thoroughly though.


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