Washing car tips


Wash your car regularly – I’d recommend to do this at least once a month. Things like bugs, bird’s dropping, or limestone dripping damage the paint leaving permanent stains if not washed off in time. When the car is clean, all the moisture dries up quickly, but when it’s dirty, the moisture accumulates in dirty areas causing corrosion. At least once in a while use pressure wash (pressure wash can be found at coin car wash stations) – it removes the dirt from difficult to reach areas. Don’t hold the pressure wash jet too close to the painted surfaces, it can peel off the loose paint. Wash off all the places where the dirt and salt could be accumulated; for example, behind moldings, inside wheel arches, under the bumpers, etc. It’s particularly helpful after winter season – to wash out all the salt accumulations that speed up the corrosion process. Don’t forget to wash all the dirt from the windshield. The sand that left out on the windshield gets caught by the windshield wipers blades and scratches the windshield when the wipers are operating.

How to wax your car


Wax your car regularly. A car wax gives shiny look to your car and helps to shield the paint from harsh environment, protecting it from fading. It takes only about 30 minutes to wax a whole car and high-quality car wax stays on the car for three – four months. So far, I haven’t seen a single product that stays for life time as you may have heard in some commercials – nothing lasts forever. In order to maintain protective coat any product needs to be reapplied periodically.
Follow this link for illustrations:
How to wax a car

Undercoating and rustproofing your vehicle

Brake proportioning valve

If you live in an area with high humidity, or where the salt use is common in winter months, undercoating and rustproofing you car can be very helpful. Look at the picture, this is a part of the brake system located underneath the car, it’s completely rusted as you can see. This is only five years old vehicle from a high humidity, coastal area. Sometimes later one of these brake lines can burst and the car will have no brakes.
Properly done undercoating and rustproofing can protect important components of the car from corrosion.


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