How to remove residue marks (paint) left by other objects


This mark on the bumper was made in the underground parking. If you look very closely it’s actually white paint residue over original clearcoat. The clearcoat itself seems to be damaged only slightly. I’ll try to remove this mark.


All I need for this is ultra-fine 1500-grit or 2000-grit waterproof sandpaper (the higher number stands for the finest abrasive), polishing compound containing mild abrasive (I used the Turtle Wax) and a car wax (I used Turtle Wax liquid car wax with Carnauba).


Very carefully (I don’t want to remove the clearcoat) I sand the marks with wet sandpaper (use only ultra-fine waterproof sandpaper) until all marks are gone. If you have never done it before, try on some small spot to see how it works first.
Now there is no mark, but the clearcoat has lost its shine; I will use polishing compound to restore the shine.


I put small amount of the polishing compound onto the damp sponge and rub well until the clearcoat becomes shiny.


Last step, I buff the area with the car wax.


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