How to remove minor paint scratches

How to remove minor scratches

car_care5 Look at the image, these scratches on the trunk were made by the bushes.
It’s not a big problem, but…
I will remove these scratches in two steps:
First, I use polishing compound to polish the scratches. It contains mild abrasive and removes very thin coat of painting. When you will shop for this kind of product, there are few grades available. You need the one that contains the finest abrasive.
car_care6 I put a little amount of polishing compound onto a damp sponge and buff the scratched area in a circular motion until scratches disappear. But don’t overdo it. I’d suggest trying a small area first, to get used to the process. Then I wash off the area completely.
car_care7Now it’s time to use a liquid wax. I squeeze a little amount of wax onto a sponge and spread evenly on the scratched area. I wait a little allowing product to haze, then, using a soft towel, I buff the wax.
car_care8 Now you see the result.

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