Some new toys

18″ Rota MTS on Dunlop Sp’s 225-40-18
Tein S Tech Springs w/ 1″ lifter for the front

Yup 18×8.5 I originally wanted a set of linea corse lm’s pero kinapos sa budget.


18×8.5 with a +48 offset (in my preference) is the perfect rims for the focus! why? coz you can fit 245/35 R18 tires which will give you the closest overall diameter (for 18’s) with the stock rims! plus, you’ll also get the most traction coz of the wider tires! :) check it out!

pansin ko mukhang ngtatanong ka around the forums sa mga drop, mukhang may plan ka noh? :mrgreen: i think i can help kasi i think i have the lowest drop sa mga focus dito, more than 2″ drop, zero gap sa front fender. most of the humps, wlang sayad, except for those really bad ones that are usually situated sa mga pangit na neighborhood coz mukhang sila sila lang gumawa ng humps, pero kaya pa din,basta maganda pagka-siete, still, this rarely happens kasi la naman ako pinupuntahan na if your planning on 1.5″ drop, mas ok yun,la talagang sayad. remember we met up at valle verde for the CAI?baka napansin mo mga humps don,mejo malalaki pero la ako sayad don
Tire Size Comparison
Specification Sidewall Radius Diameter Circumference Revs/Mile Difference
205/55-16 —- 4.4in — 12.4in – 24.9in ——— 78.2in ——- 811 —— 0.0%
225/40-18 —- 3.5in — 12.5in – 25.1in ——— 78.8in ——- 804 —— 0.8%
235/40-18 —- 3.7in — 12.7in – 25.4in ——— 79.8in ——- 794 —— 2.1%
245/35-18 —- 3.4in — 12.4in – 24.8in ——— 77.8in ——- 815 —— -0.5%
255/35-18 —- 3.5in — 12.5in – 25.0in ——— 78.6in ——- 806 —— 0.6%

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