Mac OSX Installed Apps

My Mac OS X (iDeneb 10.5.5) Installed Apps:

Programming Tools:
  • Eclipse Ganymede
    • eclipse-cs
    • crap4j
    • subversive
  • IntelliJ IDEA 8
    • Checkstyle-IDEA
    • JFormDesigner

  • MySQL 5
  • Transmission Bittorrent
  • Skype
  • Adium
  • Firefox
  • Microsoft Remote Desktop
  • Adobe Reader 9
  • Adobe Flash Plugin
  • Adobe Shockwave Plugin
  • Pacifist
  • MacFuse and NTFS Driver
  • Traktor Pro
  • Traktor Studio 3
  • Ableton Live 6
  • Microsoft Office 2008 (OpenOffice 3)
  • EZ 7z
  • Rar Expander
  • Perian Video Codecs
  • VLC
  • Senuti (trial license)
  • OSX86Tools
  • Parallels Desktop 4
    • Windows XP running on Coherence
Applications that does not have crack:
  • Oxygen 10 XML Editor

change the login background:
[robg adds: It’s the simple things that can make using one’s OS of choice more pleasant :). I used Terminal to create a backup of the original image first, just in case. After cding to the CoreServices directory, I then did sudo mv DefaultDesktop.jpg DefaultDesktop_old.jpg, then moved my new image in.]

change the desktop background
/Library/Desktop Pictures/Nature/Aurora.jpg

change the “about this mac” picture

take screenshot:
command + control + shift + 3

take screenshot of variable size:
command + shift + 4

take screenshot of specific application window:
command + shift + 4 , then spacebar

What is lacking support:

– shutdown not shutting down properly. sometimes you need to wait longer
– USB not working correctly. you need to restart in order to detect the USB device.
*workaround* in another file.
*cause* kernel is not same version as System.kext
– wifi for intel 3945bg no driver *under development*
– can update to 10.5.6?


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