Enabling VPN access through Wifi

There are times when you setup your Wifi network and you want to connect to your office and check emails but cannot since the office network is protected by VPN.  Only VPN can access the inside network.  When you are using a normal LAN or DSL, its quite simple because everything is enabled by default.  You don’t have to re-configure everything.  Problem goes when you are using Wifi.  When you bought a Wifi router, you have to configure it first as suggested in its manual.  Here’s a guide:

  1. Check your Wifi manual. Configure the DSL. You should at least be connected to the wifi router and can browse Google.
  2. Access your configuration site. i.e. for most wifi.
  3. Look for the WAN Interface if not under TCP/IP settings.
  4. In the WAN Interface, look for the PPTP andL2TP pass through VPN connection.  Click that and save your configuration.
  5. Restart the wiress router and connect to your VPN.

Hope this helps!


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