Typhoon “Pepeng”

After being struck by typhoon ‘Ondoy’ (Ketsana), here’s preparation for the said super typhoon ‘Pepeng’ (Parma).

Typhoon Ondoy

At 8 am, Saturday, Sept. 26, 2009.  I was about to go to my colleague to buy the heat press machine for our t-shirt biz and escort my girl to her house.  We didn’t proceed, was very sleepy.  For us its too early in the morning and its raining heavy.  Then again it didn’t occur to me that we are under the typhoon.  It feels like ordinary day at rainy season.  And not a single news about it (although I hardly am reading the news!)  9 am, off we go.  The road in Quirino highway is flooded about 3 inches.  But this is normal, a car can still pass – and traffic begins.  At 10 am, still on the way due to heavy traffic, suddenly its raining cats and dogs and then we can’t pass after the Nagtahan bridge – the water is about knee deep.  Car can’t pass.  We took the u-turn to Nagtahan and then I remember and anticipated that Quirino water level would increase by twice.  We didn’t proceed back, instead, we went to the Robinson Otis mall.  Bottomline, We were stranded in the said mall until the water went down last Sunday afternoon.  And I lost a plate – the one in front of the car.

Typhoon Pepeng

Since Ondoy devastated alot about Manila – I experienced it the first time; the news was flooded with Ondoy topic; and many people died and traumatized.  It was declared that Pepeng was a super typhoon with all its power like Katrina with category 4 or 5.  People starts to panic buy.  Malls were busy. Everything is in panic mode with anticipation of the coming Pepeng.  We were even asked to leave early. =) In short, Pepeng translates to the word destruction.  To show this:

typhoon pepeng

As you can see, there is another typhoon coming called Melor.


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